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Technology, Industry and Logistics

markimo knows the specific requirements for technology, industrial and logistics premises, and has many years’ experience in regard to these locations and their positioning. The analysis and simulation of traffic- and commodity-flows is a markimo speciality. The geo-referenced recording, presentation and publication of local logistics clusters is used to investigate their efficiency and effectiveness.

Technology, industrial and logistics premises need undeveloped flat areas and large production facilities with ground floor heights of 5 - 8 metres. Good transport connections are vital to the best possible integration of the site into global and local logistics chains. The proportion of hall area is about 10 percent in the technology segment and up to 90 percent in logistics premises. Other significant site advantages for technology, industrial and logistics premises are a complementary mix of use, a flexible array of spaces and a tailor-made range of services.  

Sufficient inexpensive homes must be available in the area for the staff. These days, questions of environmental compatibility and sustainability must also be answered.